a canadian startup, working to automate

Micro-Business Management

(The PHYXTER mobile app is scheduled to launch in late 2018)


statement of purpose

PHYXTER is an artificial intelligence platform that is being built on the belief that being an independent contractor should be a simple, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience. More than a collection of features, PHYXTER will be the smartest way to be more productive at work, to provide the highest quality service, and to leave you with more time and money to do the things you love.




Creating a way of life

in which people who give a sh*t

can do something about it


Our Inspiration

Companies could bring business and society back together if they redefined their purpose as creating “shared value”.
— Michael Porter and Mark Kramer
Canada appears to fall short in developing business skills and has fewer highly educated managers . . . Canada lags its peers in the development of business skills.
— Ministry of Finance - Jobs Report, The State of the Canadian Labour Market
For the seventh consecutive year, skilled trades vacancies are the hardest jobs to fill in the U.S. And for the fifth consecutive year, skilled trades are the hardest to fill globally.
— Manpower Group - U.S. Talent Shortage Survey
Never mind that a plumber making house calls bills more per hour than you do: Canadians are turning their backs on skilled trades. And as the Baby Boomer generation steps away from the workforce in the next decade or two, experts predict Canada’s skills shortage could reach a million people.
— Rick Spence, Financial Post


Value Statement

Built specifically for independent contractors who want to work fewer hours and make more money, Phyxter is a mobile app that uses Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Science to maximize profit by providing a Virtual Business Partner.

OUR visIon

To empower self-employment by automating business management and facilitating social issue solutions - so people can spend more time utilizing their billable skills and protecting their future.

our purpose

To apply advanced technology to the life of the general public, by establishing a place of work where all employees can feel the joy of technological innovation, be aware of their mission to society, and work to their hearts' content.