How to always find the best value when buying tools and parts

Find me a Tradie without a tool addiction. It’s hard, eh?! What’s harder? Finding the best price for tools and parts when you need them! This post will give you tips on how to find the lowest price for your tools and parts, whether it’s for emergency, or stocking purposes.

There are two ways to find the lowest price:

1)      Comparing multiple quotes from different sellers (This is, in fact, an economic principle)

2)      Trust the “Guaranteed Lowest Prices” advertisement. But, this is only guaranteed if you bring their competitors’ advertisement to them and they price match it.

Realistically, the only way you can be sure that you are paying the lowest price is if you compare quotes from multiple wholesalers.

Figure 1: Google search of ‘pay lowest price’ shows the following results

Figure 1: Google search of ‘pay lowest price’ shows the following results



1)      E-commerce website: Like Amazon.

a.       PROS: instant availability information, pay online, direct shipping, multiple vendors

b.       CONS: Cannot get expert advice, you’ll be paying retail prices

2)      Call/e-mail/visit different stores inquiring about price and availability

a.       PROS: you’ll get competitive price and availability quotes

b.       CONS: Huge waste of time, energy (and fuel)

Basically, you need a way to:

·       Instantly contact multiple, nearby expert wholesalers,

·       Which will give you price and availability information,

·       With an option to pay online.

iphone x phyxter search by trade -2.png

You could stick to one of the above-mentioned methods, or use a weird combination of the two


You could start using Phyxter Pro!

With Phyxter Pro you can type one instant message and send it to multiple nearby wholesalers to request the price and availability of the parts and tools you need. Just wait for their quotes to roll in and then decide which wholesaler offers the best value! Plus, if they offer in-app purchases you’ll get 1% back in reward points, that you could redeem for a variety of things! Download the free app today!

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