4 Free Tools to Help you Save Time During the Day

One of the biggest complaints about being a contractor are the long and unpredictable hours. What if we told you we could help you save some time?  You could use the saved time to complete more jobs OR go home at a reasonable hour – a Tradie’s dream, right? We have compiled a list of tools you can use to help you save time in all areas of your life: work, home or just in general! So, what are you waiting for?



Clockify – Time Tracker

This will help plan more accurately. You can use the tool to figure out how much time it actually takes you to finish recurring tasks (stop lying to yourself and just admit that *activity* changing a bulb actually takes 5 minutes – not 10 seconds!). Additionally, you can use it to calculate your billable hours. You can even see where you waste most of your time!

Details – FREE. 

Can be used by teams.


FreedCamp – for Seamless Planning

Plan your tasks using FreedCamp. With a LOT of free functionality, it’ll easily help you organize and manage your day. You can even use the time tracking feature for your invoicing (paid feature)

Details: Free. Paid plans available.

Team collaboration is a paid feature.


StayFocused – Google Chrome Extension to block distracting sites

Increase your productivity by limiting the time you waste on different websites (We know our bored tradesmen page doesn’t help :p)

Details – FREE. Chrome only

Substitutes: Site Blocker (IOS), Block Site (Android)


Lastpass – password vault for ALL your passwords on all your devices.

Although most devices have their own password saver, using a tool like LastPass is far from worthless. Easily add, manage, search ANYTHING you store in the “secure password vault”. You can easily share passwords, access on ALL devices (end the apple vs android battle). For tech support and emergency access, you’ll need a paid plan. But so far, I haven’t had to use it!

Details: FREE. Paid Plans Available,


Phyxter - Free app to help you save time, money and collect points!

Use Phyxter to easily find parts from nearby wholesalers and to save yourself from driving in so much traffic. Use the optional feature to pay online and skip the line in-store….which also earns you 1% back in points!

Details - Always free for contractors! Download it here

General Tips:

Learn keyboard shortcuts

Are you on a laptop/desktop a lot? Learn keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier and a lot faster! Also, it’s a cool way to impress others 😉

Clean up

Clean up your work-space, may it be a work truck, a desk, or a device. When your work-space is clean, organized and clutter free, you’ll save more time.


There is something soothing about going to an old-school list. I always feel a greater sense of accomplishment when I cross off a task by hand. But just make sure that you aren’t making a list for small useless tasks! Read article 2!

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