8 Tips to Help You Finish a Job Faster!

Imagine this.


You’re at an emergency job. But instead of wasting time on mundane tasks, everything you want to do just flows seamlessly. You didn’t have to drive through traffic, you didn’t have to stand in line. By the time lunch roles around, you’ve done twice the amount of work you usually do. You get more jobs completed, your boss gives you a wicked bonus and you get home early.

Surprise, this doesn’t have to be JUST a daydream. Use the tips below to make it into a reality.

1. Get a productive start to the day.

Tradies wake up at ungodly hours. So might as well make it worth it. Give yourself additional time in the morning to get in a quick 30-min jog or workout. It’ll help your brain stay productive for the rest of the day.

2. Make a daily schedule.

Try to plan out your day the night before, add in slots for emergency jobs. Stick to that schedule.

3.  Listen to music with headphones on.

Headphones can help you keep distractions at bay and help make work less stressful and more enjoyable. They aid with productivity, especially during repetitive tasks. Doing maintenance tasks just CALLS for an ‘80’s rock album. Just make sure it isn’t one of your favourite sing-along songs, and you’re good to go!

5. Don't waste time and money on Timmies.

Tradies have long commutes. But don’t waste time in a Timmies drive through. Just invest in a reliable thermos to keep yourself caffeinated throughout the day. It’ll even save you a couple bucks (which adds up in the long run). Plus, commuting just adds to your stress, so try to limit it to necessary tasks only.

6. Feeling unproductive? Do the small, easy tasks.

Whenever you start feeling unproductive, be careful. It’s a slippery slope to further procrastination. Start doing quick, easy tasks. Even if they’re not work related. If you’re managing expenses from home, and start feeling unproductive, just take a quick shower, or feed the dog or do anything that makes you feel like you accomplished something. It’ll help you get in the right state of mind and you can start working again!

7. Reward yourself at a certain time.

Make time for breaks and rewards in your schedule. After having a productive work cycle, treat yourself with a small break, or 5 minutes on the Bored Tradesmen website, what ever makes you happy 😉

8. Use Phyxter!

With Phytxer, not only do you save money by receiving multiple competitive quotes from wholesalers, but you also save time! You can easily find parts from multiple nearby wholesalers who have what you need by sending one instant message to all of them. You can also skip the line in-store when you buy your tools and parts through Phyxter! The best part, you can get 1% back in Phyxter Points for doing it!

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