How to Get More Stuff Done


Tradies frequently try to fit more work into less time. But that’s not always possible. Instead, a better idea would be to waste less time. You can use these expert-cited techniques to get more stuff done in the limited amount of time you have.

These techniques can be used in any area of your life:

  • Finishing more emergency jobs,

  • Doing business management stuff for your contracting business,

  • Completing the chores at home, etc.


Task Batching/Theming

What to do: Batch tasks based on type or energy level

Example: Plan your day using to-do lists, with sub-lists based on type of work (truck cleaning, purchasing, consulting etc.) or energy level (high energy vs low energy)

You can even base the theme on days of the week, to plan out entire week.

Further Resources: Watch this video to get a deeper understanding of the Theming/Task-Batching method.


Chunking Method

What to do: Break down a task into ‘bite-size, actionable actions.’ An alternative to multitasking. Instead of doing everything at once, focus on getting one specific part of the task finished and move onto the next action in sequence.

You can combine chunking with task-batching for higher productivity!

Training your brain to think in terms of chunking can also help reduce stress.


The Pomodoro Method

What to do: Work in short bursts of time and take frequent small breaks.

Example: Work on a specific task – like cleaning your work truck or paying invoices etc. – for 25 minutes. Then take a 5 min break. Repeat for four cycles. Then take a longer break.

Just be honest with yourself and work with the timer!

The scheduled breaks help your brain to ‘reset’ and have a positive effect on your future productivity.

Further Resources: Try a free pomodoro timer app. Watch this video to learn more!

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