Tips on How to Save Even More Time & Money Using Phyxter

Life is easier with Phyxter! We hope you’re having fun using our app and have saved some time and money. Below are 4 tips to help you use Phyxter optimally!


1. Notes

Use the notes app on your phone to keep a list of the tools, parts and materials you need. This way, you won’t forget an important part, and won’t have to waste time typing everything up. Just copy-paste from your list, and you’re good to go!

2. Pictures

If you like to jot down your list, that’s fine as well! You can just click a picture of the list and attach it to your quote request. Keep in mind that doing this makes the wholesalers job more difficult though so we recommend keeping your list in the notes app.

3. Multiple Quotes

Be sure that you always get multiple quotes for all your tools and parts. You can filter the wholesaler list based by trade. Select the first few (they are the closest to you) and just send a single message to all of them! It’s that simple! Now you know who has what you need and how much they charge.

4. Closest location

Don’t select a wholesaler on the other side of the city to save $10. Keep in mind that driving additional distances costs you in terms of fuel and time! You should always consider the closest wholesaler and determine what your time is worth! An easy way to do that is to just look at your charge out rate. If you’re going to spend 30 minutes of your time to save ten bucks but you generally charge out at $80/hr then you’re potentially losing money. Buy the part, get the job you’re working on completed, and pick up another job that day….plus, you’ll probably end up selling more parts on that last job.


We hope this article can help you save even more time and money! Have fun 😊