4 Tips that can help a Skilled Trades Business create an AMAZING Google My Business listing.

A well-built Google My Business listing will not only help your customers find information about your business, but it will also help ensure that you come across as a professional and reliable company. All of this will increase your chances of making a sale!

For these, you will need to go to your Google my Business homepage.


·     In case you wish to change any of the information above, go the Google My Business homepage. Click the “Info” button on the left panel.

·     In addition to changing any info, you can add Hours of operation, special hours (for holidays) and pictures. People love pictures, it lets them know you’re a real human being. If you don’t have any, and you’re in the Toronto area, contact us and we’d be happy to schedule our in-house photographer to help you out.

·     An amazing option for professional-looking photographs is to use Logojoy for easy-to-create logos. Click here to start!

You can create amazing logos like these using LOGOJOY!

You can create amazing logos like these using LOGOJOY!

·     Need amazing stock-photos? Check out Deposit Photos for super affordable, professional looking stock photos.


·     To create a new post, click on the “Posts” section on the left panel.

·     Alternatively, you can just click on “Create Post” on the homepage.

·     You can engage with your audience using the posts section. You can add your prices, new stock availability, event promotion, or any information that you think is useful for your customers.


·     You can manage your reviews by clicking on the “Review” button in the left panel. We go more on depth in this post.


·     You can create a free website with Google. It is just a different layout of all the information available on Google My Business.

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