Mistakes to Avoid on Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page is a great way to find new customers, sell your service and create a community for all your customers! It is a great sales tool that keeps on giving, when done right! A lot of the time we see some major mistakes being made by various skilled trades businesses on their Facebook page. Are you doing them too? Check out what they are below.

·       Self promotional content

o   What it looks like: Sale offers for EVERY post.

o   Why to avoid: You’ll bore your audience! No one wants to be sold to all day, every day.

o   Solution: Mix up your messaging a bit!

·       Irrelevant content

o   What it looks like: Posting about that new digital multi-meter that none of your customers really care about (additional negative points if you mention a sale on purchasing this product)

o   Why to avoid: Your customers don’t care about these topics! They’ll get bored and the unlike button will start looking super attractive

o   Solution: Find relevant content! Even if it is business related, make it fun (but always stay “on brand”)

·       No personality

o   What it looks like: Like a corporate bot created your post.


o   Why to avoid: Because otherwise, you seem like a robot. And people rarely follow bots.

o   Solution: Inject some personality! Make jokes, humanize your business!

·       Bad Photos

o   What it looks like: Highly pixelated and weirdly cropped.

o   Why to avoid: Makes you look unprofessional

o   Solution: Find affordable professional-looking stock photos HERE*

·       No response

o   What it looks like: Some one comments on your post or sends you a Direct Message and then…


you don’t respond.

o   Why to avoid: Reflects terribly on your customer service skills. YOU LOSE BUSINESS!

o   Solution: ABR – Always Be Responding.


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