Free* 3-night LUXURY cruise for two using Phyxter Rewards and other packages!

Trades-wives are strong, patient, and amazing. They deserve the best, and with Phyxter, they can! Use your Phyxter Points to give your partner the amazing date they deserve! No matter what type of couple you are, sporty, romantic or lazy 😛, there’s an amazing reward for every couple. Here are our top picks!

Reward: The Essex, Ontario B&B Wine or Craft Beer Escape

Points Needed: 72325 Points


Reward: Hockley Valley Resort for Two

Points Needed: 86789 Points


Reward: Nova Scotia Good Cheer for Two

Points Needed: 108487 Points


Reward: Vancouver Whale Watching Tour for Two

Points Needed: 180811 Points


Reward: Grand Quebec Experience for two

Points Needed: 122952 Points


Reward: Niagara Falls Adventure for Two

Points Needed: 216973 points


Reward: Luxury Cruise 3 Night Voyage for Two OR Blue Mountain Resort 2 Night Wellness Retreat

Points Needed: 253136 Points


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Want more points?

There’s two ways to earn more points:

-          Always use Phyxter to make a purchase! The more you shop using Phyxter, the more points you earn. Check out the value calculator to get an idea of how many points you could be earning depending on your tools and part expense.

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