5 easy tricks to turn your website into a selling machine

Psychology and marketing + sales go hand in hand. For instance, having a beautiful custom-made website is terrific for raising brand awareness, but it's ultimately useless if it doesn't increase sales. Today, I'm going to introduce five simple yet effective psychological marketing strategies that will convert more of your website visitors into paying customers.

Marketers have been using psychological tricks for ages to nudge us into certain buying behaviours, and our Phyxter websites are purposefully designed to keep the techniques listed below in mind: 

Tactic 1: Isolation

What is it: when multiple similar objects are present, the object that differentiates (isolates) itself from the rest quickly becomes the most memorable.

Check out the Get Started button. It clearly stands out here!

Check out the Get Started button. It clearly stands out here!

How to use it: Highlight your "call to action" by using buttons with contrasting colours. You can also use pop-ups to single out limited time offers or flash sales.

Why it works: Using a pop-up with a lightbox allows your preferred offer to stand out from other offers on the website. Whatever your focus, whether it is to highlight a new deal, offer quote requests, host a flash sale, or obtain customer contact information, having colorful "can't miss" buttons on your page will nudge your customers in the right direction. Check to our Phyxter templates to see how easy we make this option, and using our builder, you can even add some cool animations to the buttons to help them stand out even more.

Tactic 2: Social Proof

What is it: Social proof is the idea that people seek validation from other buyers to justify their buying behaviour.

Psst … If you don’t have online reviews, we can help with that! email us at info@phyxter.ai to learn more about our reputation management services.

Psst… If you don’t have online reviews, we can help with that! email us at info@phyxter.ai to learn more about our reputation management services.


How to use it: Add testimonial sections to your website. Maybe add a photo gallery of the recent work you completed. You can even use the embed widget to add google reviews to your site (we have a step-by-step guide on how to do this). Using images to highlight your memberships (like Phyxter being an HRAI member) can also help establish trust. In your website text, you could mention statistics that encourage favourable behaviour. Did you know that 75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company's credibility based on the company's website design?

Why it works: TESTIMONIALS are key! Having readily available information on your website that verifies your credentials and talent will help to build your credibility amongst customers.

The ultimate decoy: Medium sized popcorn at movie theatres

The ultimate decoy: Medium sized popcorn at movie theatres

Tactic 3: Decoy

What is it: Increase an offer's attractiveness by placing it alongside an unattractive one.

How to use it: Used mainly for subscription plans, you can use comparatives to make pricing, features, and offers of high-level plans seem more attractive. For example, if you have 3-tiers of maintenance plans, then make sure that the top-tier has a significant value proposition. You don't want to discourage customers from getting the basic maintenance plan, but if they're going to upgrade, make it so that they choose the top tier. A slight increase in price combined with a more substantial increase in features makes for a seemingly incredible rise in value.

Why it works: When the top-tier offers a significant increase in value, customers will feel like they are getting a better deal. Everybody loves getting the best bargain!


Tactic 4: Scarcity

What is it: Items that have limited availability are more desirable.

How to use it: Add countdowns or limited time offers. Use the countdown widget on our builder for this. Example: For TODAY only, book a furnace installation and receive 10% off.

Why it works: In the same way that everyone loves getting a bargain, no one likes missing out on one. Creating a sense of urgency can speed up a customer's decision to buy.

Tactic 5: Loss Aversion

What is it: People prefer to avoid loss rather than acquire gains.

“Limited Time Offer” and the countdown create a sense of urgency

“Limited Time Offer” and the countdown create a sense of urgency

How to use it: Frame potential customer behaviours with "loss-based" language. Use statistics to show how not having regular maintenance can cost people $$$. Use pop-ups to highlight limited time "Don't miss out" offers.

Example: If you're not A/B testing every single one of your website pages, then you're missing out on opportunities every day. Sign up for the Phyxter Template Review Team today to get your new website designed for FREE…we are re only accepting 50 applicants, so sign up now before spots run out!

Why it works: Highlighting what could be lost by not making a purchase makes people more likely to make a purchase. Nobody likes losing! Especially if it’s something they think of as “theirs”. So show your customers of neglecting regular heater maintenance.


We hope this post helps you win business more often. If you like these ideas, Phyxter's new customizable website builder can quickly implement these simple and effective marketing strategies for you. However, remember that you know your customers best, so be sure to optimize the sales funnels and a/b testing to utilize these tips and tricks to their full potential.

We love hearing back from you! As always, feel free to leave your questions and comments in the section below.

Written by,

Mahima Jhalani

Business Success Associate

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