How to Sell to Millennial Homeowners.


The only thing that is constant is change. May it be people, culture, society or businesses. Everything changes. In this changing landscape, you also need to adapt your sales techniques. So, in the era of millennials, how can a skilled trades business remain afloat?

In this blog post, you’ll learn what’s important to millennial homeowners and how to give it to them.

Who is this new buyer?

  • Millennials are savers,

  • Millennials are researchers,

  • Millennials trust recommendations,

  • Millennials are interested in health + environment,

  • Millennials care more about experience v/s product.

What are their needs?

·       Cheap. Affordability is key. They are researchers so they know what the market price is, so you should do your research as well to understand what your competition is charging.

·       Flexible. More flexible packages are preferable. Anything you can do to “fit their schedule” will help. They want to buy from someone that cares about their time, so show them you care and make booking with you easy.

·       Reliable. Company needs be trustworthy. Anything you can do show your reliability, do it! Your customers are looking for a trustworthy and reliable technician. Including licenses, insurance, memberships with accredited institutions, etc. will go a long way.

·       Social. You need social proof in order to sell without encountering aversion. Nearly 90% of your customers look for reviews and recommendations before selecting local businesses. You need to have a strong and positive online presence. Reputation management is key, so simplify getting ratings and reviews by using apps and motivating your customers to leave reviews. Need a recommendation? Contact us at to learn more about our Reputation Management services

·       Instant Service. Quick responses, services and resolutions. If they contact you and you take more than a day to respond, they’ve probably already hired your competitor. Make “chatting with you” easy, we can help you put a free chat widget on your Phyxter website that sends all messages right to your phone.

How to sell?

·       Type of packages: “Pick and Choose Services” packages appeal to their flexible nature. Having a BYO HVAC package option might help. Also highlighting eco-friendly packages (check energy consumption, install to keep down plumbing bills, etc.)

·       Deals: Millennials love saving! Heavily promote the savings they get when they choose your services. Giving them general tips on how to save on their next service (maybe via coupons, or life hacks) will help them like you more and help with customer experience.

·       Websites: Millennials like researching before buying. Having a neat, well-organized website can really help your business. Check out our website-building packages for easy-to-build and affordable websites.

·       Reviews. Millennials really depend on online reviews. Make sure you have a positive presence online. Check out this previous blog post that will teach you how to deal with online reviews.

·       Communication. Being easily accessible is super important. Use social media to communicate with your customers. Be quick to respond to any queries! Need help with social media? Check out or social media bundle made specifically for skilled trades businesses.

I hope you found this article useful. As always, feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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Written By,

Mahima Jhalani

Business Success Associate