How to Get More Leads and Increase your Sales!


Before we get started, it's essential to explain the two main types of conversions that exist:

Visitor-to-Lead: This is pretty self-explanatory, but it occurs when you turn a website visitor into a lead. Basically, someone lands on one of your website's pages and completes one of your forms or, best case scenario, emails/calls you. That’s a conversion from a visitor to a lead.

Lead-to-Customer: This is where the rubber hits the road; this conversion occurs when your lead opens their wallet and makes a purchase.

Now, let’s discuss how to complete both conversions successfully.

5 Amazing Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate (plus a couple of other tricks).

First, I’m going to ease your mind…almost 99% of your website visitors won’t convert, but that’s why it’s so important to convert every single one you can because getting traffic to your site can be time-consuming and expensive. You might be saying that you’re not worried about your website, that word of mouth has got you this far, but ask yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to have an inexpensive sales tool that saves you time and makes you money?

 Let’s get to the tips!

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Amazing Tip #1:

Have a professional, accurate, and easy-to-read website. We’ve all seen those 1990 websites that are old, dated, and don’t work on mobile phones. If that description sounds too familiar, then you’re missing out on over 53% of the market that uses their phones to find everything.

 Take the plunge and upgrade your website. I don’t care if you use a Phyxter website or someone else’s, but get it done. If you don’t know how to get set up, we have some easy to read step-by-step guides that I guarantee will have you up and running in no time but you'll need to fill out a form to get that guide 😉.

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Amazing Tip #2:

 Before visitors have a chance to leave your website, offer them something that they can’t refuse. I mean they don’t know if they’re going to hire you yet, but if you offer them 10% off if they subscribe to your newsletter through this specific pop-up, you’ve given yourself a great chance to convert that visitor into a lead. Remember, the goal of your website is to open up a line of communication with a potential customer. This is called an ‘Exit Pop-up’ and they work very well…just make sure that you are providing a great offer.

Amazing Tip #3:

Understand what works and what doesn’t. When someone visits your website, whether they first land on your homepage, blog, or landing page, you should have a strategy for what you would want a prospect to do next. For example, when someone lands on our Phyxter Websites homepage, we want them to look at our templates, and then hopefully they’ll look at our pricing page, and then subscribe to our service, or learn more about our company and team. This series of events is called a sales funnel, and understanding your conversion rate between pages is extremely important when it comes to turning visitors into customers. As an FYI, this is an automated process with our website builder…you can see how it works with one of our free trials 😉

Amazing Tip #4

 Send someone that clicks on one of your ads to a relevant or custom landing page. Not only will this increase your conversion rate but it will also decrease the cost of your ads, for example, Facebook compares the text in your ad to the text on your landing page and optimizes its performance based on how relevant the landing page is to the ad.

 Don’t let this overwhelm you, there’s no extra cost to building landing pages, and with the right website builder, you’ll have pre-built landing pages at your fingertips. If you need any help with a strategy on this, let us know…we’d be happy to help.

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Amazing Tip #5

 FOLLOW UP by using a CRM (customer relationship management). You’ve done everything right so far; you have a beautiful mobile friendly website with built-in sales funnels, and you’re using custom landing pages for all of your ads, and you’re collecting leads like crazy…now all you need to do is keep track of every lead and start building your relationships.

Once you’re running a large organization, you can go out a get a big fancy and expensive CRM, but when you’re getting started you need to keep expenses low and margins high, so use a CRM that’s either free or very cheap. The good news is that our platform has a built-in CRM for no additional cost.

 Putting it all together

 1. Get a mobile optimized website

 2. Build your website like a sales funnel

 3. Test everything to ensure you’re maximizing conversions

 4. Use landing pages for every single ad you ever do…EVERY SINGLE ONE!

 5. Use a CRM to keep all of your leads and customers organized.

 I hope this article helps boost your sales. Whether you use our website builder (which includes all of the above) or a combination of other tools, we are happy to provide feedback or advice on your strategy. Reach out to us on any of our social networks or via

 Good luck and happy selling!