Makers Supply: An HVAC/R Wholesaler Doing it Right

Family owned and operated HVAC Wholesaler quickly becoming known for its quality supply and service in the Mississauga, Ontario area.

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Mark and Andrew Botelho grew up together. Over the past two years, the two brothers have worked together and watched their HVAC/R supply business grow steadily in the hot southern Ontario market. Makers Supply, located at 2283 Argentia Road in Mississauga, offers hundreds of brands and a full line of HVAC/R equipment with everything needed for residential and commercial installation or repair.


At Makers supply, the Botelhos pride themselves on providing premier products at prices customers deserve, but they also understand that developing long-standing relationships is key to creating a long-lasting company. The brothers have already built a strong reputation for being honest and loyal to the many contractors and business owners they serve daily. “Makers Supply is the HVAC supplier I prefer doing business with. My guys are comfortable knowing that they’re getting reliable advice from Andrew and Mark, and I’m comfortable knowing that we’re getting the best price possible. My orders are ready and lead times on special-order items are always accurate or even ahead of schedule,” said satisfied customer Derek Gocht of The Mechanical Group.

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 While the brothers are relatively new to wholesale operations, they arrived with years of industry experience. Mark and Andrew both started in the HVAC/R trade right out of high school; Mark spent almost ten years as a residential HVAC technician and Andrew worked mostly on commercial and refrigeration. Their collective field experience is a significant value-added asset at Makers Supply. “We understand what you (techs) need when doing that tough furnace, AC, and hot water tank install or repair. We help you remember everything when you walk through our door. Not only do we carry all the products you use, but we can provide you with meaningful conversation around your specific requirements,” said Mark. Also, help is always a phone call away, he adds. “If it’s after hours, just call our main number and either my brother or I am calling you back within 20 minutes; that’s my personal guarantee.” Essentially, the wise advice of, “Treat others as you wish to be treated” applies to the Botelho brothers as their superior service is founded by their own experiences of being techs on the other side of a wholesaler counter.

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Makers Supply’s combination of offering premier products and customer service has fueled the company's continuous growth since opening its doors in 2016. “When we built Makers, our goal was to create a supplier that we would want to walk into for a furnace, AC install, repair parts, or that custom sheet metal fitting that some big warehouse built three inches short. We have come a long way in a short time,” says Mark. “Every couple of weeks I have meetings with partners, so we’re always looking at the numbers, and we’re on a steady incline upwards.” Phyxter wishes the Botelho brothers and the entire Makers Supply team continued growth and success in 2019 and beyond, along with the company's aspirations of expanding into the manufacturing side of the industry. For more information about Makers supply, check out


Written by Ryan Keliher*

Phyxter Content Specialist

January 7th, 2019

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