Top 4 ways to get your Parts Wholesale Business seen on Google Maps

Imagine that you’re an HVAC technician, it’s 4:00 pm, 40 below, and you’re on a no-heat call. You’ve diagnosed the problem; it’s a burned-out blower motor. On top of that, today is your 10th anniversary, and dinner reservations are at 7:00 pm. Your regular wholesaler is in Scarborough, but you’re in Brampton, so what’s your best chance of finding a nearby wholesaler that has what you need? One logical idea is to use Google Maps to locate the closest wholesalers but, unfortunately, it doesn't provide a complete list of every wholesaler in your trade (it only lists companies that meet specific criteria). And, you’ll have to call around to each wholesaler until you find one that has the part you're looking for. Now, imagine being a wholesaler that’s nearby and has exactly what the tech needs but, unfortunately, you don’t show up in the Google search...Sound like a familiar situation?

Part of my job at Phyxter is to keep an up-to-date database of wholesalers across Canada. I often use the regular search tools (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yellow Pages), but there are still days when I drive down the road and come across a wholesaler that’s not my list. The main reason: they aren’t online! 

Let’s understand the gravity of this issue. I'm paid to spend hours each week finding names and locations of parts wholesalers, and I can’t locate them all. So, for those that I can’t find, or even the ones I can, what’s to guarantee that new customers will? How do you expect a tradesperson who is doing an emergency job, in an unfamiliar part of the city, with very little time on their hands, to find the closest wholesalers? 

We did a quick Google search to help put things into perspective. There are 114 HVAC wholesalers in the GTA, yet google only shows 12 distinct brands. Out of the 12, 7 of them are big, national brands – i.e., brands that have the budget to sponsor their branches and put them on top of Google searches. Here’s the image:


According to a statistic provided by Google, 75% of your customers are searching online to find you. Google search is readily becoming the preferred method of finding parts wholesalers in nearby areas. If you’re not online nowadays, you’re not reaching 75% of your market! That’s no small number; in fact, it’s big enough to be a business killer. 

Now, we’re not one of those blogs that tells you the problem and leaves you to deal with it. Phyxter was made to make your life easier, and easier it will be. We've outlined 4 methods below that can help you improve your online presence. We also provide you an easier alternative to Google Maps – the Phyxter Wholesale Web Platform. We compare these methods based on price, set-up time, maintenance requirements, skill requirements, how long it takes to get seen by new customers, and ease of implementation. Remember, your busy customers are searching for you online right now! We hope this post can help you stand out.


Ray Carroll, VP Sales at Engagio, says “If people can’t find you online, they can’t learn from you, and if they can’t learn from you, they can’t buy from you.”

Phyxter can help your parts wholesale business succeed! Our geolocation targeting will ensure that you get seen by nearby service providers who are interested in buying parts. And there’s even additional benefits that are mentioned in the chart below.


Phyxter is now on-boarding parts wholesalers in Ontario to prepare for our January launch.

Want to learn more about how to create a listing on Google My Business? Check out our one of our earlier blog posts!

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Written By:

Mahima Jhalani

Business Success Associate at Phyxter

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